Adoption and Luck

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The Mixed Adoptee

So it’s only been about five months since I first posted here. 

 I’ve been really encouraged though by others who are writing about adoption and care experience. Some people, have even offered support and kind words about writing here so thank you. Some of the things, I have read recently have been really inspiring, brave and thought provoking. I will try and share some links in my next post, which hopefully won’t be five months from now. 

There is no lack of ideas here about what I want to write about either however it takes courage to share so openly. It can feel quite exposing opening up my writing to others too. Striving for perfection is something, which I struggle with. I’m far from it however I place high standards on myself. If I’m not happy with my writing then it’s just not going any further than my own…

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Author: Adoptee Corner

I was adopted from care in the UK.

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